What Has Been the Success Factor for a Casino in New Mexico?

What has been the success factor for a casino in New Mexico?

“We geeked out on data.”

In today’s interview, I had the opportunity to chat with one of the smartest executives in gaming, Trevor Taylor, Director of Marketing Route 66 Casino Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

He’s been in the business for over 25 years and has worked at every level of the operation. What I love about Trevor is that he’s a numbers guy and his success comes from approaching marketing from an analytics and financial perspective.

His casino is located in New Mexico, one of the markets that opened a little slower than the rest of the country and at the time of the interview, they were only one of two casinos open in the area. How are they faring?

You might be surprised at how well.

Evaluate everything – think “revenue per square foot”

What does he owe their success to? In this candid interview, he shares how their team used 90 days of closure to evaluate absolutely EVERYTHING. It was their CEO’s mandate that upon reopening, they would be the safest casino in the market, so they have instituted lower than mandated capacity requirements.

When it comes to maximizing revenue potential with limited capacity and eateries closed, they focused their marketing segmentation on getting the right people in the property at the right time. They drilled down to high frequency and high worth players and incentivized those guests to come during off times and days. Talk about revenue per square foot.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy this interview with Trevor as much as I did!

Trevor Taylor