Raving Partner — Executive Tribal Development and Senior Operations

Dan Stromer

For the last 27 years, Dan has been involved in all aspects of casino operations, including positions as a Table Games Director, Director of Marketing, and for the last twenty years, General Manager. Dan believes that finding a way to connect all the pieces has always been a philosophy of what makes a successful casino operation. Surrounding yourself with the right people and your ability to make those around you better helps to achieve that. With that knowledge he is positioned to help Raving clients meet their operational and executive development goals.

Throughout his career, developing Tribal Members and Team Members for career advancement has always been a priority – he will be a key team member in our executive development team. Through Raving, he will provide a plan that prepares new directors and general managers to become successful once they have that opportunity. Through strategic planning and critical thinking models, Dan creates training programs to approach the positions with a goal in mind.

Dan is also a patent inventor for new table game products for use in the casino environment. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Education from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. This degree has also prepared him to teach and pass on these skills and techniques for future successful executives in the gaming industry.