Raving Partner - Gaming Operations, Data-Driven Marketing & Analytics

Mari Mathewson

Drawing upon more than a decade of expertise in database marketing, promotional development, and VIP services within diverse casino markets across the United States, Mari Mathewson offers casino clients expert promotional kiosk programming and operational analytics.

Mari has a proven history delivering clients effective marketing and operations strategies, resulting in increased revenue and improved operations through in-depth market and operational analytics.

Her gaming journey began in player development, and Mari was also an integral part of the launch team for Scioto Downs Racino in Columbus, Ohio. Mari’s versatile experience extends to roles in Marketing and Database Management at Affinity Gaming, during which she was recognized with a scholarship to attend the Global Gaming Women’s Leadership Conference.

Growing up as a “military brat” often moving around the globe shaped Mari’s perspective. Being the daughter of a United States Air Force Colonel and fighter pilot, Mari witnessed exemplary leadership at a young age. She has sought to find those same qualities in successful female leaders, ultimately leading her to Global Gaming Women.

Mari is an active member of GGW, dedicated to sharing the wealth of knowledge she’s gained from these accomplished leaders throughout her career, with a mission to empower young women in the gaming industry.

In addition to her communication degree from the University of Northern Colorado, Mari has enjoyed living in the United Kingdom on three separate occasions, most recently to attain a master’s degree in digital marketing from the University of Chester.

As an avid woodworker, Mari channels her creativity building furniture from scratch, golfing or traveling the world in search of her next adventure.