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Are you offering the right gaming product and mix to engage your guests?

Gambling is our business. It’s the primary revenue generator for most markets over any other amenity. And over the years our gaming product has changed significantly from a simple three-wheel spin game and traditional table games to a complex computer with multiple math algorithms and a variety of new table games with side bets and progressives.

Plus, we have new gaming products and wagering opportunities inundating the market including: sports betting, Internet gaming and social gaming.

How do you ensure your gaming operation is optimized and capitalizing on new opportunities?

  • Do you have too many multi-denominational games or progressives?
  • Are you giving away too much free play?
  • How do you know if you are getting the best deal from your slot vendor?
  • Are your policies in compliance?
  • Is your casino prepared to take on emerging technology?
  • Are you losing money in the pit even though other markets are reporting a resurgence in table games?
  • Are your dealers encouraging play from new players?
  • Is lack of understanding and communication between your slots, table games and marketing departments costing you millions through free play and promotions?

If your table games or slots are underperforming, our team will help you find out why. Do you want to know what side bets work best for your property and how you can use them to market your table games and drive additional revenue?

If your jurisdiction is poised for sports betting or Internet gaming, what can you do today to prepare your organization and your players for this new product?

Let us help you build your guest loyalty and attract new players through social gaming and gamification. See a change in your bottom line with customized dealer and slot ambassador training. And finally, when you’re ready to engage new and existing players with new games and a new floor experience, give us a call.

How Raving Can Help

  • Bingo
  • Casino Floor
  • Casino Operations Performance Review
  • Dealer Training
  • Emerging Technology & Games
  • Free-Play Review
  • Game protection
  • Gamification
  • Guest Service From the PIT
  • Internet Gaming
  • Maintaining Average Bet
  • Managing Table Minimums
  • Progressives
  • Selling from the Pit
  • Side Bet Optimization
  • Slot Ambassador Training
  • Slot Department & Free-Play Analysis
  • Slot Floor
  • Slot System Assessment
  • Slot System Installation & Support
  • Social Gaming
  • Sports Betting
  • Table Games Performance
  • Table Games Reinvestment Analysis
  • Table Games Staffing
  • Table Games Yield Management

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