Raving Partner — Gaming Operations, Data-Driven Marketing & Analytics

Jada Evans

Meet Jada Evans, a seasoned strategist with an exceptional superpower: translating raw data into actionable strategies. With over 25 years of hands-on experience across diverse operational roles, Jada is your go-to expert for making sense of complex data.

Growing up in gaming, Jada honed her skills in analytics, gaming operations, marketing, finance, IT, and strategic planning. Her unique path led her through property-level, corporate, and consulting roles across the nation, even a solid run in the role of VP of Gaming.

Jada excels in slots, optimizing product performance by delving into financial and player-centric analysis. She will explore pricing strategies, floor mix and merchandising, strategic placement, player affinity, predictive modeling, and cannibalization assessments for clients. Jada doesn’t stop there; she also focuses on service levels and player integrity.

Her talents extend beyond the gaming floor too. Jada’s marketing prowess shines through in her in-depth customer and cohort analysis, tracking player trends and life cycles, and evaluating reinvestment and profitability from both top-down and bottom-up perspectives. Jada develops strategies that safeguard your core guests while eliminating or reallocating unnecessary expenses.

On the technical front, Jada is skilled in data modeling and SQL database development. She weaves together disparate transactional systems to create robust analytics solutions, turning data into gold. Her expertise empowers better decision-making and boosts overall performance.