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Effective Time Management for Casino Hosts - Sand Dial Analogy

Effective Time Management and Accountability for Player Development

By Daniel Wood / Comments Off on Effective Time Management and Accountability for Player Development

Taking a page out of parenting five boys Over the past 15 years, I have been extremely impressed by the time management and accountability that my wife has implemented in our home with our five boys. (Yes, we have FIVE active, busy, yet amazing boys!). Their ages range from three to 14, and each has…

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Janet Hawk Ten Host Rules Casino Player Development

Janet’s Ten Host Rules

By Janet Hawk / Comments Off on Janet’s Ten Host Rules

Finding success by using a code of conduct for your casino player development team I’m a big fan of NCIS. I love how they are able to add funny moments to such serious ones – like life, really. Every character is unique and detailed. The character of Leroy Jethro Gibbs uses an interesting leadership style…

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Drive Additional Trips - Five Other Key Metrics

Drive Additional Trips by Considering Five Other Key Metrics

By Deana Scott / Comments Off on Drive Additional Trips by Considering Five Other Key Metrics

We are lucky in the casino industry to have access to piles of data about our players. In spite of the available data, many properties rely almost exclusively on player value data generated through our gaming systems. However, ADT or ADW may not be the most reliable measurement to predict value accurately. By focusing on…

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Engagex announces Host Dial Software for casino player development teams

By Raving /

Provo, UT— January 28, 2019 —  At Raving Next: Indian Gaming Analytics & Marketing Conference, held at Pechanga Resort Casino, Temecula, CA – Engagex will announce the immediate availability of Host Dial Software, a click-to-call software for player development teams that increases the efficiency and accountability of casino hosts when they make phone calls. “Our…

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Players Club Tier Programs Casinos

Die Tiers, Die: The Sequel

By Nicole Barker / Comments Off on Die Tiers, Die: The Sequel

Top Ten Questions to Ask About Your Tiered Card Program I first introduced the phrase “Die, Tiers, Die” at the Raving NEXT conference in 2014. My prophecy hasn’t come true. Tiered card programs haven’t died. And yet, the battle cry remains. The dissatisfaction with tiered card programs is the most recurrent discussion I’ve had in…

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Prospecting Strategies for Player Development

By Daniel Wood / Comments Off on Prospecting Strategies for Player Development

Five steps to finding “new” guests using the phone The debate among Player Development teams will always be a challenge: what is the best use of my time? Nurturing existing relationships or finding “new” guests? While the answer to that question will likely always be a moving target, what I can tell you is that…

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build loyalty over the phone

Build Long-Term Loyalty with Your Players Using the Phone

By Daniel Wood / Comments Off on Build Long-Term Loyalty with Your Players Using the Phone

One of the best jokes about sales people goes something like this, “Ever wonder how to get a sales person to stop working? Just put a telephone in front of them.” I have heard this joke in a variety of renditions over the years, and have personally seen it with teams I have managed. As…

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Lessons from the Host Development Conference Team Challenge

By Raving /

Creation of a successful player development department starts with cross-department collaboration and data sharing What is key to creating a robust player development team that will grow revenue? What we found out recently may surprise you. This past July, Raving conducted our annual Host Development Conference, which preceded the Casino Marketing & Technology Conference. If…

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Janet Hawk Hand Raised

Player Development: Analytics + Human Touch = Satisfied Players

By Raving /

From “our Media Partner CDC Gaming Reports Everyone who’s been around a casino has heard the pledge from an angry gambler after a losing session: “I’m never coming back here!” Keeping that intent from becoming fact requires a delicate balance of personal touch and hard data, members of a panel on player development said during…

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Prospects Clients Growth

Predictable Growth for PD

By Daniel Wood / Comments Off on Predictable Growth for PD

How to prospect new business by using the phone Lead prospecting is one of the most challenging aspects of any sales organization. It always has been, and likely always will be. Why is that? Because it sucks … and it takes relentless focus, determination and persistence. These same characteristics also happen to make up the…

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