Your Casino Promotional Calendar: It’s all about the Gaming!

Advice by Experts You Need to Know Now – Part I View Part II in the Spring Issue of Tribal Gaming & Hospitality Magazine April 2021 When it comes to building your promotional calendar during COVID-19, it’s all about the gaming! That was the conclusion during the 2021 Raving NEXT panel titled “Do Your Promotional…

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For Casinos, It’s not a Reopening but a Rebuilding

For the casino and hospitality industry, the first lesson is that we are not reopening properties, we are rebuilding the hospitality businesses. Almost all aspects of the casino business have been impacted by COVID-19. Casino resorts are a combination of business operations working together to provide guests an escape. The business operations are hotels, restaurants,…

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When a Large Market Segment Becomes a Problem

What happens when Baby Boomers stay home? What happens when a dominant cohort in the gaming industry becomes hesitant to visit casinos and resorts? Boomers are a key market driver among target segments in the gaming industry. What happens when they stay away? Baby Boomers are a massive demographic that controls the largest block of…

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Five Tips to Create a PR Crisis Management Plan

crisis management plan

Avoid negative communication consequences when your casino reopens The entire casino industry shut down over three weeks ago. As operations were shutting down, marketing departments were challenged to coordinate with key management to get the word out with accuracy. Events over the past few weeks exposed a weakness in planning for casino marketing departments. The…

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A New Dynamic for Casino Marketers

In this uncertain world created by the Coronavirus attack, one thing is for sure, market conditions and marketing will be very different when the gaming industry starts up again. It will not be productive to blindly hold onto the strategies for a world that – from a few weeks ago – no longer exists. As…

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Will It Make the Boat Go Faster?

The Single Thought that Will Focus Your Marketing Forever Goals, tasks and vision to answer a single question, “Will It Make the Boat Go Faster?” This is the story of how a British men’s eight rowing team’s Olympic gold victory will help you achieve success with your marketing goals. No, really. This is good stuff.…

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Is Your Casino Loyalty Club an Eagle, Chameleon or Flounder?

casino pd and loyalty club - eagles, chameleons and flounders

In the casino industry, loyalty clubs are the relentless workhorses of marketing. Loyalty clubs effect casino operations like veins, carrying offers and touching almost every departmental function. Many loyalty clubs are content to flounder and remain the same. Or, like a chameleon, only change after a competitor lights up the market with a new and…

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Help, A Giant Casino is My Competition! – Part I of II

Giant Casino in Competition

How mid-sized Tribal casinos thrive in a competitive atmosphere The 2019 NIGA Tradeshow session “Help­, A Giant Casino Is My Competition! How Mid-Sized Tribal Casinos Thrive in a Competitive Atmosphere ” brought out small to mid-sized casino operators and marketers who wage a daily battle with monster resort properties. The panel consisted of two mid-sized…

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Top Six 2019 Guest Experience Trends

Customer Experience - Casino Guest Service

How casinos can keep pace with other industries If you want to see the key to unforgettable guest experience, look in a mirror. Dedication to a high level of guest experience starts at the top. But it’s the heart of the team that always shines through. Guest experience trends for 2019 show us how casinos…

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