A New Model to Make More and Save More

Introducing Raving’s integrated PD and Loyalty Club program

Loyalty Clubs and Player Development programs are the foundation of our marketing programs. How do progressive organizations leverage these two areas to drive revenue? It starts with taking a deep dive by looking at all players holistically through investment rates and analytics, specific to their roles. These two critical programs drive customer engagement and incremental revenue and can be strategically aligned.

Here’s our take …

For far too long our casino marketing efforts have been fractured along player-worth lines. We have different programs for different value levels. Therefore, we often overlap these programs in ways that are not only inefficient, but downright wasteful. Not to mention, confusing to the intended recipients, our players. Let’s get on the same page, and integrate and coordinate under one model that doesn’t try to do everything for everybody. But rather, applies strategies and properly coordinated programs specific to the different types of players we host in our properties.

Here at Raving, it all starts with combining your loyalty club (and all of its operations and output) and your casino player development function into one seamless entity.

You see, your loyalty program really performs two functions. First, it is the fundamental and basic engine that drives all of your data collection – and the efforts around the data you collect – for your business. Second, it’s the marketing tactic you use to market to both low and mid-value players. This is achieved by using points, tiers, and direct mail programs (as well as the primary vehicle you use to reinvest in players).

Your player development function, on the other hand, is focused on one task only; to use the data generated by the loyalty club to provide a personal one-on-one sales effort aimed at your high-value players. Moreover, it should enhance all marketing efforts aimed at your high-value players, since they do not want to be marketed to in-mass like your lower segments.

Perhaps that is why they have always been considered separate entities, connected only by the data that they share when performing their respective tasks. However, when you unite the two, you overcome several inefficiencies in your marketing efforts and gain several powerful advantages.

If you want to know more …

Check out Raving’s upcoming Loyalty and Player Development Conference, July 22-23, this summer in Las Vegas, where we will present this new model of a combined loyalty club/player development  function, along with several sessions dedicated to new age tactics necessary to save money (over-reinvestment from reward layering) and make more money (using powerful player development techniques in an affordable manner with lower value player segments, where you are currently leaving a lot of money on the table).

If you’re not attending the conference this year or you’re ready to bring this on home to your crew, then give Amy Hergenrother a call at 775-329-7864 or [email protected] to discuss a customized program for your casino.

It’s going to be an exciting conversation. There will be lots to learn, and I hope to see you there.