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Drive Additional Trips by Considering Five Other Key Metrics

Drive Additional Trips - Five Other Key Metrics

We are lucky in the casino industry to have access to piles of data about our players. In spite of the available data, many properties rely almost exclusively on player value data generated through our gaming systems. However, ADT or ADW may not be the most reliable measurement to predict value accurately. By focusing on…

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Lines, Lines and More Lines

casino guest service - hotel check-in lines

Is it time to use a new methodology to improve your guest experience? After a long day traveling, there are two things you don’t want to find entering a hotel lobby: an empty counter or a long line. What you want is quick service, a friendly welcome, and a key packet ready to go. Unfortunately,…

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Our Guests Are Somebody’s Mom

Casino Players Seniors

A new perspective on casino security and surveillance teams During my days in operations, I would gauge a good Monday by whether the Director of Security stopped by my office to fill me in on the antics of the weekend. If he didn’t show by 10 AM, I knew I could make progress on my…

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New Workplace Culture Featuring Pets and Babies

Deana Scott Benny Raving Mascot

Why not create a policy to help company morale? Having spent my career working for Tribes, I have always appreciated the focus on future generations and the generosity towards community and family. This focus is the foundation for many innovative workplace policies that I believe lead businesses to workplace balance. Years ago, I remember being…

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The Results Are In: A Seismic Shift Regarding “Big Data”

Big Data

You can’t open an industry publication or attend a conference without seeing a discussion about Big Data or analytics. Now, that’s good news! Have we finally given the “millennial topic” a rest and could we be on our way to recognizing the need for data-driven decision-making in our operations? It appears an operational focus may…

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Tips to Ensure Your Technology Investment Pays Off

How to avoid technology purchase pitfalls Keeping up with technology is a time consuming and expensive proposition for most businesses. We are inundated with new software programs, hardware and applications touted as the next big “must have” to improve our operations. From accounting and human resources systems to security, slots and not to mention the…

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Why Do I Know More About Your Product than Your Employee?

Casino Floor

We now live in an age where our customers are more educated about our product than ever before. According to a recent study conducted by Forbes, 82% of consumers do research online before they ever venture into a retail establishment to make a purchasing decision. Additionally, a study by GE Capital Retail Bank found consumers…

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Is Your Operation Losing Millions?

Live Polling

Incorporating Evidence-Based Decision Making Into Your Business Model Lately, I have been evaluating how successful businesses incorporate an evidence-based decision making process to increase profits in a highly competitive economy where old business models are dying. What is it? Evidence-based decision making is a process for making decisions about business practices, strategies and policy developments…

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How Non-engaged Employees Affect Your Bottom Line

Disengaged Employees

Are your non-engaged employees sabotaging your organization? My son graduated from college this year and recently landed his first “adult” job. It was amazing to watch him enter this next stage of his life. (And yes, paying the last tuition bill did provide a greater reason to rejoice!) I observed his anticipation of his first…

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