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Guest Service at the Rail

Table Games Guest Service

Strategies around player types As this week kicks off the annual Table Games Conference, we’re focusing today’s report on the “art of dealing to the rail,” as well as sharing several table games articles from our operations team. Table games and the PIT provide a unique opportunity to interact with players … new players, regular…

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What Are You Giving Back …

Steve Browne at Raving Conference

In exchange for the losing bet? Not only is it long-time Partner’s Steve Browne’s birthday this month, he is fast approaching his 20th anniversary with Raving. Slowing down? Not exactly! He’s been with clients all over the globe this year with a stop off at Raving’s Host Development Conference, July 17-19 in Las Vegas. Because…

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Onboarding the Lumpys

Steve Browne

How you onboard your “lumpys” will determine their value down the road Yup, you know who they are: those brand new, rookie employees, babes in wonderland … What we in the past in this gaming business used to call “lumpys.” Not only did we call them lumpys, or lumps, but we put them through the…

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Anticipating Needs and Paying Attention

Airline Guest Service

Are we really proactive in all of our service measures? Dear Steven, During your recent travel on Flight(s) #1794 and #1299 with us, you were unable to enjoy one of the perks of your tier status, priority check-in (automatic check-in 36 hours before your flight). This most likely led to you receiving a boarding position…

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Is Your Focus on Culture, Pride and Passion …

Organizational Culture

Or policy, procedures and routines? Well, we’ve all seen it … law enforcement personnel dragging a poor old man kicking and screaming off an airplane. And what did he do? He made the mistake of flying United. Or, better yet, he simply made the mistake of doing business with a company whose culture is focused…

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Take This Quiz About Your PD Department

Steve Browne Janet Hawk

To evaluate your property’s current player development efforts Do you have a PD function in your casino designed to not only love your best players one-on-one (instead of through the mail), but also to find and create more new best players for your organization? YES or NO? Does your PD function offer a bonus and/or…

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Five Tips for Your Own Service Walk-a-bout

Gaming Floor

Your walk-a-bout service checklist Okay, it’s that time of year again, time to put on the tennies (or fancy running shoes, your choice), get out of the office and hit the floor. You’re on the prowl, looking, observing, seeing for yourself, first-hand, how your guests are being treated. It’s time for the first-of-the-year service walk-a-bout.…

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Make 2017 Your Year of Service

Five ways to improve your guest service so it is extremely powerful and effective Okay, you’ve probably finalized that horrendous year-end task of budgeting … YAY for you! Or, you’re still creating a new one. Now is the time when we reflect on the past year and start planning for the next. Which is why…

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Why You Need Both Education and Training for Hosts

Steve Browne

Combining both skills will get you a host who is a guest service expert and skilled at driving revenue Education or Training? Believe it or not, there is a big difference between the two, and it can affect in a very significant way the types of programs that you subject your employees to. Let’s talk…

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