An Underutilized Tool for a Competitive Advantage


Casinos that have a competitive advantage are those that can see the possibilities of using research in ways that their competitors may not be doing yet – which group do you fall into? Let’s start with a short quiz … 1. Does your casino use research to answer these questions? How satisfied are our customers…

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Does Guest Service Drive Visits?

Hotel Receptionist

How much does customer service drive guests to visit your casino? You might be surprised. I’ve written before about the value of conducting an annual players club survey of your customers. This measures how your players perceive your club’s structure and benefits, how valuable the club is to your players, and how it can show…

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Just How Much Research Are Casinos Doing?


Results from Raving’s 1st Annual Tribal Gaming National Marketing Survey Raving recently released its first national study of casino marketing. The main objective of the study is to give casino marketers a tool they can use to be more successful. By finding out what other casinos are doing with mobile marketing, reinvestment ratios, promotions, or…

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First Glimpse at Industry Marketing Survey

ROI Data Analysis

Raving reveals highlights of first industry survey – where do you fit in? Dennis Conrad called me not long ago and asked if I would be interested in doing a survey to measure what is happening with tribal casino marketing. Say WHAT?! Is the Pope Catholic? Does a bear, well … I obviously thought a…

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My Little Wiki List of Marketing Research

Data Analysis

Which of these surveys should you be doing, and why? Like most people, I love Wikipedia. I rely on it if I need to get a quick shot of knowledge without much effort. Sometimes though, a Wiki definition is way more than I need. For example, I looked up “marketing research” (because that’s what I…

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Are Guest Comment Cards Worth the Effort?

guest satisfaction survey

Many casinos rely on guest comment cards for getting customers to tell them what’s on their minds. The cards are usually available at the players club, food venues or other locations where they can be filled out, put in a box and reviewed by management. There are a few ways to improve comment cards, but…

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Prepare for Monumental Change

Millennials on Phones

Millennials and the Future Face of our Customers An important new national survey is revealing how Millennials think, feel and act. This type of information is important for casinos that are trying to figure out how to market – or even whether they should market – to a segment that is already larger than Baby…

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Does Your Players Club Need an Annual Checkup?


Measure how healthy your club is, and diagnose how to make it better A casino players club is one of the biggest line items in your marketing budget every year. Point redemption, comps, mail offers, member events and promotions, and staffing our club – we’re talking major dollars to keep a loyalty program running. As…

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Busting the Myths Around Loyalty Marketing

Myths vs Facts

Busting loyalty myths New research reveals what customers really think – and feel – about loyalty programs We’ve all heard it and discussed it, and there’s no simple answer to this question: How well is our loyalty program (LP) doing? We measure carded play, but what does that really tell us other than what percent…

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