Face Rock Enterprises

Face Rock is a Native American-owned consulting and administrative company that specializes in helping tribes manage their financial resources more effectively.

Our team has over 20 years of experience helping Native Americans with their individual and group benefit needs. As a trusted partner, we have represented some of the largest tribes in the Northwest and understand the unique requirements of a tribal community.

We have expertise in the following areas:

  • Medicare-Like Rates
  • Management of CHEF reimbursements
  • Multiple Entity Plan Design
  • Wellness Plans Designed to work with current IHS programs
  • Employee Education
  • Providing Consolidation of benefits for HR staff
  • 340B and VA prescription drug pricing
  • Payor of Last resort
  • Sovereign Immunity

The unique and specialized needs of a tribal community require a team of specialists who are dedicated to recognizing, understanding, and respecting the importance of sovereignty and self-governance. We take pride in our heritage, experience, client history, and the services we offer. But, more importantly, we value the trust given to us to understand the needs of our clients so that they have the best options at the best price.

Maintaining relationships is integral to the Native American culture. Our business practices reflect that commitment to relationships, as well as our commitment to educate Native American people, communities and businesses on the best healthcare, economic and financial options available to them.