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Dumb Policies that Cause Obstacles and Ones that Protect Us

As surveillance watched the dealer, they noted he was incredibly sloppy. He didn’t spread the cards properly making them unreadable, his payouts were unclear, and their view of the chips was blocked by his hands, and he knocked the player’s chips over frequently and had to restack them repeatedly. All in all, he looked like…

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Fraud Reduction in Non-Gaming

Are you following these best practices? On average, casinos lose 9 USD per day, per team member, to internal theft and fraud in gaming and non-gaming areas. For an organization with 1,000 team members, the total loss is near 3,285,000 USD annually! As a surveillance/security professional, it is my opinion and firm belief that there…

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A Night Forever Etched in Our Minds and Hearts

Las Vegas Sunset

How to better prepare for workplace violence and active shooter events As the anniversary of October 1st approaches, we reflect on the horror and emotions encompassing that evening and the days following. It was the most horrific active shooter situation to happen on U.S. soil and will forever be a night etched in our minds…

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When Was the Last Time You Asked, WHAT IF?

Cash drawer theft

Preventing millions in losses at your casino On average, employees steal nine dollars a day from their company, which equates to $3,285 a year per employee. For a property of 1,000 employees, the loss is $3,285,000 USD annually. How does a company avoid such a loss? All areas are susceptible to theft. Theft of merchandise,…

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