Hold Percentage Is Just a Number, Right?

After visiting numerous table games operations in rural locations across the country, I have noticed a disturbing trend regarding the ever-tightening odds related to the table games offerings. These properties, having little to no local competition, are offering similar sets of odds as many of the Las Vegas Strip operations. After observing this trend over…

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Is Your Table Games Mix in Need of a Rehab? – Part II of II

Table Games Chips

Regulatory requirements for new game installation In Part I of this article, I covered why we would consider adding a new game to our table games pits, as well as the nuts and bolts areas, like determining game costs, selecting the appropriate theoretical hold, as well as understanding equipment requirements and creating a strategic marketing…

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Are Your Table Games Under-performing

Table Games

Let’s take a look at yield management Are you managing your table games to produce the best possible revenue results? As a break-in dealer in 1995, I recall the supervisors on my shift believing the best way to manage their table games was to kick the dealers in the ankles to keep the game pace…

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Invest in Your Property’s Future

Kevin Parker

A new look at capital reinvestment As casino operators, our main goal is to maintain our current patron base while attracting new customers to our casino resort. In order to attract new guests, you must offer clean, comfortable accommodations in conjunction with an engaged and knowledgeable team member. Obvious, right? Yet as an industry, while…

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Strategies of “Right” Pricing Your Slot Floor

Kevin Parker and Andrea McCurry

Understanding pricing structure and customer engagement I don’t know about you, but one of my least favorite chores is visiting the grocery store. Before you even get through the front door, you are accosted by adorable little girls or boys fundraising for this cause or that, and who can say no, right? Then once through…

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