Millennials Not Adulting in Your Casino?

Baby Boomers still spending like grown ups Tom Osiecki It’s called the Silver Tsunami. Articles refer to it as “Gray is the New Black.” Baby boomers are projected to propel the economy for years to come. When it comes to your casino, baby boomers remain an enormous target with discretionary disposable income, free time, and…

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Five Ways Busy Casino Execs Can Interact with Guests

AKA avoid the GM tsunami She knew the diagnosis. Every day the respected GM of the medium-sized casino resort went to work understanding that she had the condition. Despite that knowledge, she shouldered on, hoping for the best. Each day was a marathon sprint of meetings, phone calls, and commitments. (A random Tuesday) … an…

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Leading Trends for a Relevant Casino Marketing Plan

Casino Marketing Plan

Hint: Bigger is Not Better I’m guilty. I’m sure many of you are guilty too. Guilty of working with marketing teams for untold hours to produce marketing plans that are hundreds of pages long. Everyone worked late. The team placed correlated pages into huge presentation binders in an ordered line on the conference room table.…

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Ghostbusters for Promotions Past


We all have ghosts. Ghosts of promotions past we wish we never met. After years in casino marketing, I have my own special ghosts. I take full responsibility for my ghosts. Take the Groundhog Day promotion. A brilliant concept, I thought. We got our guests to swipe at the kiosk and select whether the Groundhog…

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