Elk Valley Casino: A Small Casino that Packs a Big Punch

Elk Valley Casino - Raving

Client Spotlight: Elk Valley Casino

Located in Crescent City, California, this little casino packs quite the punch. Nestled in the Redwoods along the California coast, true beauty surrounds this property. It’s not unusual to find a herd of elk meandering beside the road, and as you make your way to the ocean, to hear (and see) the loud barking of a colony of sea lions.

Under the leadership of their General Manager, Michael White, Elk Valley Casino works hard to make every guest feel at home the minute they approach the casino doors. Michael understands that service creates loyalty, and loyalty means revenue.

Elk Valley Casino offers a little bit of everything for a gambler: slots, black jack tables (and a new pai gow table), poker, and bingo. Plus, a wide array of slot machines, that is constantly being updated with the newest and most popular games.

With the addition of their new F&B Director, Daniel Frank, they have completely redesigned the menu at the Full House Bar and Grill. The food is amazing. I couldn’t believe the great prices for amount of food I received. Unfortunately, I missed out on the new promotion that began in March: the all you can eat prime rib and seafood buffet on Wednesdays.

The Marketing team, although small, really knows how to help their guests have a good time. They aren’t afraid to try something new or “out of the box.” The promotion for March, The Cheesiest Promotion 2.0, is truly unique. Elk Valley Casino teamed up with a well known local business, Rumiano Cheese Company, to create a promotion that their guests really love! I mean ... who doesn’t love cheese? Guests will have a chance to win specially designed baskets. It was such a success last year, that they brought it back again (hence the 2.0). The Full House Bar and Grill is helping to support the promotion by featuring specials using Rumiano Cheese. I was lucky enough to visit while they went to the farm to do a promotional shoot. With a host not too shy about putting on a cow suit ... seriously, these guys know how to have fun!

Elk Valley Casino is constantly looking to improve. Whether it’s the latest and greatest slots, innovative kiosk promotions, or delicious new dishes, they have their eyes set on the future.  The Tribe is getting the plans in place for a new casino. I was fortunate to be given a tour of the proposed property and let me just say ... wow! Redwoods on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other (with a heard of elk in the field).

To find out more about Elk Valley Casino, please visit www.elkvalleycasino.com.