Marketer by Day, Artist by Night

Marketing Wizard by day, artist by night! Raving’s Marketing Manager, Gency Warren, hosted her fourth art show at the Foxy Olive, December 28, 2018, here in Reno, NV. For those of you in the area, you can view her framed art the entire month of January at 220 Mill Street in downtown Reno.

You may remember Gency’s art on the cover of the October 2016 Solutions Magazine that was dedicated to breast cancer awareness.

Gency has been drawing since she was a kid – she and her brother used to draw cartoon characters (Wiley Coyote, Daffy Duck, Mickey Mouse …) as early as she can remember. Over the years, her style has come to focus on black and white illustrations using pen & ink or scratchboard mediums. Her fourth art show reflects this style, featuring six hand-framed pieces of art using ink pens and watercolor.

Creatures and Cryptids

The “Creatures and Cryptids” series is inspired by a commissioned drawing of a Jackalope. Enjoying the freedom of illustrating a fictitious creature with no “right or wrong” interpretation, Gency dove deeper into the study of cryptozoology and greek mythology to find her inspiration. She shares, “being able to ‘dream up’ these creatures, deciding how they might look, and defining features that connect with their infamous backstories, was an enjoyable process.”

Other creatures you will find at her art show include Medusa, Bigfoot, Mothman and Unicorn. On display with each piece are unique anecdotes on each creature provided by a close friend of the artist’s under the pen name, M.L.C.

A few of the pieces in progress for the art show “Creatures and Cryptids” by Gency Warren.

The Process

Gency views the creative process as an ongoing progression with an art show serving as a snapshot of where one is at today. “I’m proud of what I had to show this December. Sure, I would change a thousand things. But creating a finished and cohesive show, learning a new skill by building my own frames, and drawing less from reference and more from ‘my own head,’ felt like a big step forward. I’m eager to keep going, and feel that the pieces shared in this show are an accurate benchmark of where my skillset is at today. Onward to the next one.”

To view the “Creatures and Cryptids” series, follow her new art page on instagram @gw_illust. The full collection will be online for viewing early February 2019. Limited run of prints available.