What we love about our Data Scientist Lynette O’Connell

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Excuse us, but we wanted to brag a little bit about Raving’s data scientist who is rocking our industry with new solutions and tools to maximize casino data. If you haven’t met Lynette, she is a wizard, and takes the most siloed, complex data and presents it in a way that … well … makes a lot of sense.

To celebrate Lynette’s one-year anniversary, we are sharing what she’s accomplished for casino teams across the country since joining us.

In one year with Raving, Lynette …

  • Created custom-built training manuals for a Southern California Tribal casino, tailored for their specific needs and procedures
  • Transformed half a dozen casino databases into actionable reports with clear “to dos” to drive guests to those properties
  • Helped develop Raving Dashboards, an industry solution for casino hosts and PD managers to take action on their data easily, every day
  • Provided database analysis for several Tribal casinos to develop tailored training programs for their PD and host teams
  • Stepped in as an interim database marketing manager at properties while they were hiring for this position
  • Performed database marketing and PD analysis at multiple properties including a commercial casino on the Vegas strip
  • Worked with an East Coast racino as an outsourced data analyst with focus on free play and marketing strategy
  • Will be creating a data hub for a casino property in Atlantic City this Fall based on her extensive experience building data warehouses
  • Is spearheading Raving Dashboard offerings to provide casino departments a full player view for improved marketing and reporting (rolling out in 2020)

Phew, okay. We’ll stop there. As you can see, Lynette’s been busy sharing her analytics experience, skills and solutions with our clients in her first year at Raving.

How Lynette can help

Raving Data Scientist, Lynette O’Connell, and Raving Partner, Data Analytics, Michael Minniear

If you’re drowning in data, lost in your player tracking software or don’t have an analyst on your team to translate the story your data is telling you, Lynette can help. To celebrate her first year, we are offering you a free, one-hour phone call with Lynette through November. Bring your data questions and start getting answers.

Schedule a 60-minute call with Raving’s Data Scientist, Lynette, today by calling 775-329-7864 or emailing [email protected].

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