Third Annual Indian Gaming Marketing Survey Released

Trends to Watch in 2019

Indian gaming national marketing survey data results - participants by location

Response Distribution of Raving’s Third Annual Indian Gaming National Marketing Survey

Reno, Nevada – Today Raving released the Third Annual Indian Gaming National Marketing Survey.  This milestone research is designed to provide a comprehensive industry overview of the specific areas affecting casino marketers today.

This is the only industry-wide marketing data to use as reference points. This data helps marketers and operators make better data-based decisions.

From reinvestment percentages and entertainment costs to direct marketing inclinations, this survey provides industry-wide marketing data to use as reference points. With three years of data, it becomes an invaluable tool to identify trends and practices that help practitioners be more successful.

How the Report has Evolved

The first year was the baseline study and content was developed by input from industry operators. Last year, Raving expanded the survey content based on going back to field practitioners to ensure that it is relevant and functional. This included more in-depth questions under research/analysis, promotions and advertising.

Raving CEO Deana Scott shared, “This survey provides leadership valuable insight and a  gauge into how their marketing efforts compare to other Tribal casinos. The survey offers an in depth view into technology, traditional media, market types, casino size, amenities, and other metrics that help us identify areas where we can improve.”

This research project is spearheaded by Raving’s Research Partner, Deb Hilgeman, Ph.D., who has earned a research degree held by less than 1% of the population.  When asked what was significant from this year’s study, she said, “Every year we learn what is relevant and important to casino practitioners, and we put this in a report that has all the data plus recommendations on how to use it. “

Operators agree.

Application for Operators

Sam Wedll, Marketing Manager, Blue Lake Casino & Hotel shared, “The survey provides an in-depth view into technology, traditional media, market types, casino size, amenities, and other metrics that help us identify areas where we can improve.”

“I enjoy when the new survey comes out each year. It gives us a chance to view data and statistics from a great sample size of Tribal casinos and see where we stand. It is always interesting to where the ever changing trends are heading each year,” added Lars Arneson, Market Research Analyst, Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison.

Key Findings for 2019

Moderator: Deana Scott, Raving CEO
Panelists: Deb Hilgeman, Ph.D., Senior Raving Partner, Market Research; Steve Neely, General Manager, Rolling Hills Casino; Mark Astone, Strategic Raving Partner, Branding, Advertising and Media Services and CEO, Catalyst Marketing Company

Key findings from this year’s report included changes in CapEx projects, staffing, carded play, promotions, advertising/ communication and generational marketing segments. These findings can be viewed in the completed report.

Last month, during the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention (NIGA), the largest gathering of Tribal leaders and casino executives in the country, Raving shared these initial findings at a special Showcase Session through an interactive discussion by Scott, Hilgeman, Steve Neely, GM, Rolling Hills Casino and Mark Astone, Raving Partner and CEO, Catalyst Marketing Company (shown in picture).

Subscribers to Raving’s print and digital industry news will receive the report at no charge. To receive this report, please submit your request by emailing us here. If your Indian gaming casino property would like to participate in 2020, please register by emailing Gency Warren, Marketing Manager, Raving at [email protected] or by calling 775-329-7864.

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