Raving PLAY 2019 is here!

Raving PLAY 2019 is here!

Raving is known for being leading edge. We were honored to collaboratively work on a leading edge “experiment” last year.  For those of you who attended Raving NEXT: Indian Gaming Analytics & Marketing Conference in 2018, you’ll recall that Engaged Nation developed a customized beta test engagement portal for the event called Raving PLAY. Overall the feedback was extremely positive for this trial run.

Well, we’ve taken what we learned from last year’s conference and other customized programs we’ve innovated, plus your feedback, and upped out game for this year’s conference.  Now the fun really begins!  The site kicked off this week and, just in case you haven’t been there yet, here’s what you will see from the all new Raving PLAY:

Fun New Games and Bigger Prizes

To make it more interesting this year, Raving PLAY has pre-show and show modes, where we add games and challenges that are unique to the three days of Raving NEXT.

In addition to "edutaining" activities that are built around all the valuable sessions and programs at the conference, we’ve added two new fun games that let you compete against your fellow attendees prior to and during the show – The Skeeball and Crazy Car Challenges!  Play every day for points, finish on top of the leaderboard and you’ll win a special prize given out at the end of the show. Like last year, all games you play earns you entries to the Raving Riches grand prize drawing held at the end of Raving NEXT.

During the show, we’ve incentivized interaction in a fun and rewarding way with your fellow attendees and the show vendors with the Social Butterfly Award and Booth Bingo.  To win the Social Butterfly Award, every badge number you collect at Raving NEXT and enter at Raving PLAY will give you bonus drawing entries and points that are displayed on a new leaderboard.  Finish at the top and you’ll win a special prize.  The same goes for Booth Bingo, where the more booths you visit and gain special bonus codes, the more drawing entries you get for Raving Riches.

But the biggest thing we did was increase the Raving Riches grand prize to $25,000 with a guaranteed winner!  This year’s winner gets a branded Million Dollar March Mania promotion – powered by our award-winning REACH System – for their home property.  The package also includes a free 6-month online subscription to our sister company, Gaming Today – the 40-year old iconic Las Vegas-based sports gaming weekly – for the winning property data base…and $100 CASH for the casino representative that wins.  This is the ideal package for any Tribal casino that wants to start building a database of sports bettors prior to getting legalized sports betting in their state.  And, just for fun, there’s almost $1,000 in cash for everyone else to try and win!

Are you registered for Raving NEXT? Check your email for your invitation.

This week, all registered attendees will be sent a special gamified email that invites you to Raving PLAY and gives you an instant reward just for clicking and playing a game.  So, if you haven’t clicked on the email yet, please do so you can start playing and earning right away.  And every week, we’ll be sending out a new gamified email to everyone who is registered to attend Raving NEXT straight through the show.

Of course, we’d love to have you stop by our Booth #12 at Raving NEXT to learn all about how our award-winning REACH system of online gamification can help you and your property exceed your goals and get a special show discount as well.  SEE YOU THEN!