How We Blew Up Our Slot Floor to Adapt

Four months ago, most of us anticipated that changes to our slot and table games operations would be temporary; now we know that our “quick fixes” to address social distancing, limited capacity and safety could be very well be long term or even permanent. Today we talk to two industry experts on gaming operations starting…

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Three Lessons Learned

leadership and strategy

How we can all unite under a common cause Over our lifetime, we have experienced many occasions that have had a profound impact on life going forward. It sometimes takes a major event to see more clearly the things we can accomplish together as opposed to against one another. The ability to find a rallying…

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When Time Stands Still

Most of us remember exactly where we were and what we were doing at certain times in history. Think of 9-11, the John F. Kennedy Assassination, the mortgage crisis in 2008; very few are still around that remember Pearl Harbor. Whatever the event, it brings a sense of uncertainty of what is to follow. Such…

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Anatomy of a Decision

Decision Making - Dan Stromer on Casino Leadership - chess game analogy

Better results through better choices Before you have even gotten out of bed in the morning, you have decided several things. Should I hit the snooze button, what am I going to wear today, what do I want for breakfast, or am I even going to get out of bed? Whether consciously or subconsciously, these…

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Help Wanted – Filling Open Positions at Your Casino

Filling Open Positions at Your Casino

We scored big time. Several years ago, we had the privilege of first meeting and working with one of the most talented gaming executives in the industry. At the time, Dan Stromer was the long-time GM of Meskwaki Bingo Casino Hotel in Iowa. Besides being a successful operator and damn smart, we noticed something else.…

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