What Security & Surveillance is Really Like After Re-Opening

Interview with Derk Boss, Raving Partner and Director of Surveillance, Angel of the Winds Casino Now that several casinos have re-opened, we caught up with Derk Boss, Director of Surveillance at Angel of the Winds Casino and longtime Raving Partner. He’s an expert in the field of gaming security and surveillance, litigation support and expert…

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The Ultimate Failure in Guest Service

Casino Floor Security

How casino floor security can reduce theft dramatically It happens on the casino floor every day and during every shift. A guest reports a missing TITO voucher, or they set down their phone or purse and now it’s gone. Both Security and Surveillance are notified and an investigation is conducted. Unfortunately, the item is usually…

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Waitstaff Millionaires

Waitstaff behind bar

Read before you decide that this isn’t happening at your casino The waiter placed the bill on the table and asked the nice, older couple if they needed anything else. They said no, they were fine, thank you. The waiter thanked them for coming and left. The man picked up the bill and made sure…

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What Your Security Team Can Learn from Disneyland


It’s a different world today … How to change your security and surveillance model to prepare for a state of emergency. Not too long ago, surveillance departments spent almost all of their time watching table games. We looked for cheaters, advantage players, and thieves working inside and outside the pit. That was the working model…

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Things Surveillance Can Do to Improve Table Games Profitability

Roulette Table Games Casino Surveillance

How to increase decisions per hour and reduce the number of mistakes that make such a dent in your profitability While the surveillance department’s main goal in its support of Table Games is to detect cheats and advantage players, as well as employee theft and fraud, there are other things that Surveillance can do to…

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Why Your Programs and Promotions Get Ripped Off

Money in pocket

Your promotion was VERY popular, but unfortunately … it was only because your employees were ripping you off. The Cage Director was worried and confused. Over the last two days, she had way too many winning scratch tickets being turned in for cash. And what was worse, the winners were employees and they were winning…

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How Every Executive, Manager, and Supervisor Needs to Prepare

Security Setup Event

What will you do before emergency personnel arrive in an emergency at your casino? I had planned to submit an article about training for Table Games personnel. I decided against doing that on November 13. That was the day terrorists attacked and killed 129 (at this point), and injured many more innocent people in Paris,…

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Fraud at Your Craps Table

Fraud Craps Table

The top five ways to know your surveillance department is contributing to the bottom line The craps pit had been losing for almost two years. In fact, the win percentage was down almost two points from where it had been for as long as anyone could remember. The continued loss drew the attention of the…

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The Top Five Reasons Your Players Aren’t Rated Correctly

Player Ratings

And why you should care We all spend a lot of time rating our players to make sure that they are comped correctly and fairly. Most of us, if not all, use the standard formula below to determine a player’s value: Earning Potential = Avg. Bet x Hours Played x Decisions per Hour x House…

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