Sports-Themed Casino Promotions: The Memes Don’t Lie

Sports Betting Sports-themed casino promotions are a win

The results are in and, thanks to the legalized sports betting craze, sports-themed casino promotions have proven their weight in gold One year has passed since the Supreme Court legalized sports betting, and it’s been a whirlwind in our industry with no signs of slowing down. Just recently, we saw Indiana become the next state…

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The How, Why & Why Not to Profitable Gamified Marketing

Profitibal Gamified Marketing for Casinos - Game Pieces Strategy

New strategies to drive incremental revenue What’s your plan for 2019 for new guest acquisition, reactivation or driving incremental revenue from existing guests? According to Gartner, 70% of the top 2,000 corporations in the world have already implemented gamification. A recent report by Markets and Markets forecasts that the global gamification industry will be valued…

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Fearless Industry Predictions for 2019

Brought to you by Epstein the Magnificent As we welcome in a new year, I thought it would be fun to take off my normal “sales guy” hat, don the turban, and gaze into the future. Come with me as I channel my inner Johnny Carson, hold the envelope to my forehead, and give you…

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Celebrating 10 Years of Innovation

How “gamification” has become a powerful tool for casinos Ten years ago, my partner, gaming visionary owner and operator Bill Paulos, and I established a new marketing concept for his casinos – gamification. Given that word was not even recognized in any dictionary before 2011, we stand proudly as digital marketing pioneers and the inventors…

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How to Broaden Your Players Connection to Sports Betting

Sports Betting

Thanks to SCOTUS, sports betting is legal and scorching hot. Here’s how you can prepare your casino even before it is legal in your jurisdiction. Unless you’ve been under the proverbial rock or in the Himalayas on an epic quest for enlightenment from a spiritual guru the last three months, I’m doing my best Captain…

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The Raving Engagement Laboratory: The Results Are In!

Jerry Epstein

How a casino-specific gamification promotion was adapted to an industry conference, and what marketers can learn from that In the months leading up to Raving’s 20th National Indian Gaming Analytics & Marketing Conference and Raving NEXT this past January, the team here at Engaged Nation had been noticing a trend developing, based on our conversations…

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How Continuous Engagement Is Transforming The Digital Customer Experience

It wasn’t so long ago that most businesses relied on a relatively passive, “one-and-done” marketing methodology that utilized traditional tools such as print ads, direct mail, one-off digital ads, static landing pages, and even digital signage to stimulate consumer interest. But successfully marketing to today’s savvy digital consumer is all about establishing an ongoing, dynamic…

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Resurrecting Inactive Guests Through Exclusivity and Personalization

Gold Ribbon

Customer reactivation is one of the bigger challenges casino marketing professionals face, as traditional marketing efforts continue to prove the law of diminishing return. This is especially true for smaller, tribal properties that can be in somewhat remote locations. But you don’t have to be Dr. Frankenstein to reanimate these “dead” customers … you just…

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