Is It Too Late to Prepare for Miles on the Tradeshow Floor?

Video tips to avoid sore feet and backs at tradeshows

At the beginning of the year, Raving Marketing Manager Gency Warren and I were having a discussion about how much our steps per day had fallen now that we were working from our home offices. We thought about the thousands of steps we accumulate at every tradeshow, and decided to get serious about preparing our bodies for this unique torture of standing on minimally covered concrete for hours on end. We’ve both been victims of tradeshow feet and sore backs.

Have you found that even if you lead an active lifestyle to begin with, when you do an activity that you haven’t done in a while (working in the yard, washing your card … or in this case, hanging out at a tradeshow floor for hours), you still suffer the aftermath?

If you attended Raving NEXT virtually this past January, you met Judith Lombard Currier, our health resource over at PXP Fitness. She did three videos for us to help us stretch during the day while we were sitting at our desks on numerous Zoom calls for conferences and meetings. You can check these bonus stretch videos out here  DAY 1, DAY 2, DAY 3 (she’s pretty funny, too!).

I checked back recently with her and said, “Let’s talk about conference feet. Let’s talk about how much our backs ache after walking or standing on concrete tradeshow floors. Let’s talk about how we’re so exhausted after being “on” for so many hours. Any last-minute tips you can give to us?”

Sidebar: Remember Toby O’Brien? She was a Raving team member FOR-EVER and in her New York accent, would say, “Chris, you wear the most inappropriate shoes!” watching me Band-Aids and mole skin on my blistered feet after a tradeshow day. Well, she was right and yes, I’ve always been vain about my shoe choices. Back when I was a 30 something, even a 40 something, I purchased cheap shoes that had a heel, as with my short stature, I always felt more confident with a couple more inches. Judith has something to say about this as well …

Judith recorded three videos from her home studio to help you prepare for the upcoming show season – whether you’re coming to NIGA next month or G2E in October.

Preparing for the Show – Video #1


What You Can Do at the Show – Video #2


Post-show Health – Video #3


Got questions? You can reach Judith at or directly at [email protected].

Speaking of NIGA, Raving has lot’s going on. Send me a quick email and let me know if you’re planning on attending. Click on the following links: