Toto, I Have a Feeling We’re Not on the West Coast Anymore

Last week, Raving was honored to participate once again at the NOISE (Northeastern Oklahoma Indigo Sky Expo). Our team of Paula Allen, Justin Shank, and Amy Hergenrother got a lot more thrill than they bargained for. Paula, an avid golfer, was rushed into the clubhouse during Monday’s tournament after a tornado touched down, followed by blackness and damaging hail. “The funny thing was, these Oklahoman’s wanted to go out and finish the round afterward!”, Paula shared with her leadership and development class the day after.

Justin Shank at Northeastern Oklahoma Indigo Sky Expo 2019Justin Shank was delayed a day due to the extreme weather which included snow in Denver, but he was able to present his session on digital marketing. He scooted back to the a hotel by the airport to make sure he could make his six am flight the next morning, only to be evacuated that night to a shelter when the tornado sirens were going off.

Our fearless sales-dawg, Amy, who has been through some pretty extreme weather from growing up back East (but has turned soft from living in relatively mild Reno), also heard banging on her door Wednesday night. She had just enough time to put some clothes on and grab her phone as about 60 other folks went to Indigo Sky Casino’s designated shelter in the restaurant.

Amy said she wasn’t too nervous until the front of the casino doors blew open and the security guards had them go further back into the restaurant. When asked if she was scared – as this was her first tornado experience – she said, “I have to hand it to Indigo Sky Casino’s security team. They were firm, and appeared in control at all times. That gave me confidence that we were going to be alright. The next morning, getting back to the airport was quite a challenge and shocking to see roads under water and the destruction from the previous night."

Both Paula and Justin are familiar with tsunami and volcano warnings back on the Pacific Northwest, but this was a new experience.

Special thanks to the entire team at Indigo Sky Casino for putting on an incredible event and giving Raving the opportunity to share our knowledge with their attendees. Our thoughts are with all of the clients and friends that have been impacted by the dangerous weather last week.

If you were not able to attend NOISE and would like more information on the following Raving programs, please contact Amy Hergenrother at [email protected] or call 775-329-7864.