Raving’s Table Games Audit and Review

Table Games

We know you're losing money in the pit ... let's fix it.

We’ve all heard it, “table games are coming back!” Yet, reinvestment has been slow – if not reluctant in most jurisdictions – as most casinos are still LOSING money in the pit. And that resurgence? Not exactly as hoped for. If there’s such interest, then what’s the deal?

To find the answer takes an incredible amount of time. We understand that most table games directors don’t have the extra hours to dedicate to the type of analysis needed, so we’re here to take this burden off of you.

Just how do we grow our table games product, attract new players, integrate new technology and market to new and existing players more effectively while we’re still struggling to increase revenue and decrease costs?

There is a solution – a seriously deep dive into the “guts” of your table games operation.

This is what we can achieve together:

  • Increase revenue up to 10% of table games performance
  • Achieve up to a 20% savings on the cost of running a pit
  • Create a sustainable, operational, training and marketing model

How does it work? It starts with a Table Games Audit and Review headed by Raving Partner, Kevin Parker. Kevin has transformed pits from as small as four tables to over 90, and managed a team of over 300 dealers. He’s one of those rare table games guys that has extensive operational experience (he’s been in your shoes), and has wide-ranging experience in optimization, technology, training and development. (Yup, he dreams about this stuff at night.) Experience plus 21st century knowhow.

Kevin will perform a detailed review and answer these questions about your pit:

  • Are your games underperforming and why?
  • How do you optimize payroll in the pit? What is impeding your staffing needs?
  • Are you managing your inventory with enough layouts and are you changing the layouts enough?
  • What side bets work best for your property and how can you use them to market your table games and drive additional revenue?
  • Are your team members providing the best guest service?
  • How does your pit compare to your competitors?
  • How do you protect against advantage play? Are your security and surveillance procedures aligned with your game protection?

Kevin will come up with a list of recommendations to get you to your goal or help you solve your problem.

Does this sound like help that you can use? Maybe there are only a few areas where you need additional support, maybe it’s all of the above, maybe it’s focusing on one problem you haven’t been able find time to solve. We have a full team for whatever YOUR needs are.

Give Amy Hergenrother a call at 775-329-7864 or email her to have a conversation about our Table Games Audit and Review.

Let’s start driving more revenue for your property and driving more folks to your tables ... RIGHT NOW.

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