Storyboards aren’t Just for Movies Anymore

illustration of how to use a storyboard for digital marketing campaign

How to use this tool for your next digital marketing campaign A storyboard is a sequenced graphic organizer for the purpose of pre-visualizing a motion picture or other interactive media. How about for planning a direct marketing campaign? Much like a movie, you start with brainstorming your concept. What do you want your players to…

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More Interactive Postal Mail for Better Response

Junk Pail

Yes, there is a way to improve on the mouse trap Is your property sending the same types of mail pieces out to your players today as you did three or even five years ago? Well, don’t feel too bad about it. Not a whole lot has changed in direct mail since the size requirement…

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Why Your Rural Mail Isn’t Getting to Your Customers

Rural Mailboxes

And might still be sitting on someones truck Lorrie Hellekson The United States Post Office delivered 154.2 billion pieces of mail in 2015. That is over 47% of the entire world’s mail volume. Yet, each of us can talk about the mailers we don’t get every day and your players let you know when their…

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How an Inch Can Save You Thousands on Your Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Cost-saving tips that you might be missing First, let’s make something clear. The post office will mail just about anything. For a price, that is. So just because your customers are receiving your direct mail pieces, it doesn’t mean that you’re not paying way too much for the process. And sometimes you might not even…

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