Raving Intro Programs to Drive Revenue and Reduce Costs

We’ve developed seven programs for a successful start to 2021. These programs will help you drive revenue and protect costs while you are operating with less staff, less players and less resources.

These are low-cost programs starting designed to prepare you for 2021 and provide critical support now. These programs are only available for a limited time.

We’ve created seven targeted programs that combine analytics and marketing strategy – so you can make sure you are driving revenue and protecting costs.

1. Guest Research

Address your guest’s largest concerns before you open the door
Don’t make assumptions … deploy a survey to be sure you address their expectations and don’t disappointment them on their first visit! Learn More →

2. Direct Marketing Review and Reload

Drive the most revenue at an effective cost
We’ll evaluate your direct marketing programs examining free play, and layered costs and then make recommendations for offer structures that work for during this transitional time. Our team of experts give you actionable data-driven strategies, that are targeted and fast. Learn More →

3. Loyalty Club Evaluation

Free play is not the answer; but we know what is
With limited resources and restrictions due to social distancing, how do you modify benefits while driving more play? If you were over or underinvested before shut-down, this is the time to make revisions. We’ll review and make recommendations and perform a snapshot review your program that includes promotions, continuity programs, free play and your point structure. Learn More →

4. Host and Player Devlopment

Create a custom sales campaign for your best players
Your PD team is instrumental in bringing your best players back. They will be motivated to play at your casino by a custom strategic and creative multi-channel, PD campaign that combines telephone skills, mail, email and training. Our custom PD reopening program ensures your team is prepared to bring your guests back. Learn More →

5. F&B Review

Reduce cost, optimize labor and increase margins
By reevaluating menus and hours of operations, as well as additional public safety measures, you can reduce food and labor costs in your food and beverage outlets which can include your snack bar, buffet and café. This relaunch strategy includes evaluating menus, evaluating cost of goods, and other analytics to measure and evaluate food and labor costs. Learn More →

6. The New Face of Security & Surveillance

Transition this critical department to the forefront

Security and surveillance departments will have a new role in front of them; the community will be looking for their guidance. Are you prepared with new SOP’s, agent skills, community messaging? This virtual training will address YOUR critical issues. Learn More →

7. Guest Research Reboot

What does service under the mask look like?
Your team members will be asked a lot of questions and will need to expand their role with your players. How do you assure and encourage your employees during the days ahead to give the right message to your guests? You give them training and support. Learn More →

We’re all in this together … Raving has been a trusted resource in the gaming industry for more than 20 years and we have the critical resources that you may not have right now and we have the agility to focus on your goals. Send me an email or give me a call to join together with our gaming operators and have your relaunch strategy ready go!

Time is critical and you can start working with and our dedicated team of experts ASAP. Most of these programs are under $15K. We are not asking for full payment, we’re requesting to a small deposit and workable payments. We’re ready to commit to helping our industry come back!

To view all products and information, visit Raving Intro Programs or email me [email protected].